The Art and Science of Nutrition

Cancer Survivorship Cooking Event


The meal was a delight to the senses and medicine for the the body and the cooks gave it soul. This community exemplifies all that healing should be and what modern medicine has lost.

-Joy, attendee at cancer survivorship event

I Regained my Lost Energy


I had been struggling with issues around my sleep, anxiety and digestion since almost a year. I was confused as to what was going on with me, when Minal came to my rescue. She patiently took out time to understand the full picture and approached my symptoms from a holistic whole body function perspective. By following her advice, which is supported by a thorough understanding of the human body and it’s nutritional needs, I have been able to overcome almost all my issues. Her recommendations on dietary supplements have made me regain my lost energy. She also has great recipe ideas that can make your favorite meals healthier. Minal is great to work with and is very proactive in answering all your queries. I would highly recommend Minal to anyone who wants to learn how to unlock one’s best health and wellness potential via nutrition.


She understands my lifestyle and food habits


I was looking for a nutrition consultant who could understand my challenges methodically and recommend a plan to address my weight and digestive issues. Minal worked with me to suggest options that fit into my lifestyle and food habits in a sustainable way. Minal’s recommendations have definitely made a positive change in my life.


Minal is a Powerful Ally


Minal’s mastery of Indian food combined with her comprehensive education in nutritional therapy made her a powerful ally in our efforts to support cancer survivors and educate friends and families on the importance of nutrition in the advocacy of health.

-Daniel Miller, Founder and former Executive Director, Taking Care Cancer

Minal’s recipes made it easy


“Minal’s own story of breast cancer survival was inspirational and motivated us to consult her for nutritional therapy during and after my father’s treatment protocols for prostate cancer. Her recommendations for foods and nutrients that could be incorporated into my father’s daily diet were most helpful in keeping him healthy and strong in his fight with cancer–a plan his doctors supported wholeheartedly. Minal is a skillful chef herself and most of her recommendations came with easy-to-adopt recipes and suggestions of how best and effortlessly we could make his meals not just nutritious but flavorful. I would highly recommend Minal to anyone wanting holistic support for cancer or other health issues.


Inspiring Indian Food


Minal’s food was so well received by our high school interns (at David Douglas high School), and really inspired excitement about the possibility of integrating Indian food into their daily lives.

-Hillary, Program Director Bread & Salt Academy


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The Art and Science of Nutrition

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