Ingredients for health and healing

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    Thriving with food as medicine

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    The delicious way to live

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Foundations for Health

Our approach identifies causal factors for dysfunction. What happens in your gut influences everything else in your body.
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Beat Cancer With Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy can be a powerful ally to your cancer treatment protocols. Learn which nutrient-dense whole foods are right for you.
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The Food/Mood Connection

Hormones affect your emotions, energy, and drive. Balance your moods and mental health with food.
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Supplementary Services

We offer our own classes as well as high-quality, therapeutic supplements and essential oils to support your journey of health.
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Food for Life

Nutritional Therapy is all about creating health. Feel like you always thought you could!

Get to the Root Cause

  • Personalized nutrition and health plans
  • Support for food sensitivities
  • Mend gastrointestinal disorders
  • Gain cardiovascular health deliciously
  • A life of vitality and wellness
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Why work with Minal?

As a cancer survivor, mother of teen daughters, and as a food lover, Minal knows first-hand the healing power of nutrient-dense, delicious food. As a Nutritional Therapist and chef, she can help you eat your way to a healthy, happy life.

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Recipes for Life

Minal Shares some of her most delicious recipes as well as thoughts, snippets and insight on how eating well nourishes not just our bodies, but our spirits...

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Why Nutritional Therapy?

Asthma? Blood sugar levels? Depression? Even living with cancer? Minal can help you take charge of your body and show you eat your way to a vital, symptom-free, and happy life.

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Revitalize For The New Year

Give your body a fresh start in the new year with a 15 Day Metabolic Cleanse Program.

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