The Art and Science of Nutrition

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Therapy Kitchen by Minal provides Nutritional Therapy. I founded Therapy Kitchen to bring Nutritional Therapy as a supplementary and complementary healthcare system to all.

A Nutritional Therapist views each person as a complete organism with interconnected systems, each directly influenced by nutrition. Finding the underlying cause of most modern health issues, a Nutritional Therapist focuses on replenishment to aid the body’s innate intelligence in healing itself.

Common conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, blood sugar handling, menstrual issues, muscle cramping, fatigue, etc. can be profoundly transformed by understanding your bio-individuality and designing nutritional solutions based on nutrient-dense whole foods and supplements.

A diet of processed foods and empty calories is woefully inadequate to address the stress put upon your body after demanding cancer treatment protocols. But did you know that nutrient-poor diets have led to an increase in mental health issues among cancer survivors? Nutritional Therapy helps you rebuild all your vital systems, helping your blood sugar balance, hormone levels, and other factors influencing your mental health.


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The Art and Science of Nutrition

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